New Premier League Top 5 Apps


The fans of football are waiting for the new season of Premier League and the people will watch the match on the TV. They will watch the complete updates of the matches and get even the smallest details of the match. The lovers of football will get the appreciation and they will find the top five sports apps, which they can download so that they can enjoy with the Premier League experience.

Official Premier League app

This is not the same app, which the fans of soccer would like to check on the list and it gives bad reputation. There are various changes, which are made in this app by PL and the users will not have to pay for every new session like the previous one and they do not need to get new app every year. This app has many features like Fantasy Premier League teams and the fans also managed and Matchday live for the live blogging and it is added with many updates, which they get on every fixture of Premier League. The users of Android and iOS will find it on their handsets.

Sky Sports Football Score Centre


The Sky Sports has provided this solid new app and it is added with various features like video highlights for matches and push notifications for the teams in which in-game clips are also added. This app is added with match reports, dedicated news section and previews and it is also made available on iOS and Android.

BBC Sport

The app of BBC Sport is big and you can tune it so that it can keep you updated to latest and fresh news on Premiere League. The main features of this app are ability to select own personalized sports news alerts. The users can check and upload the app for the creation of Personalized ‘My Sport’ page and it can bring the stories together and get the results and fixtures of the topics which they like most. This app is provided on Android and iOS.

BT Sport app

BT Sport app is introduced for the key broadcaster for the season and this app is allowed to stream the live fixtures for next 42 hours. The users can tune the exclusive streaming of the chosen events, which are not televised on different channels. This app is also added with the video clips with the highlights and interviews. This app is made available on Android and iOS.



The users can have Twitter and it is perfect for those people, who have short time and they can get the bite sized highlights. Some people do not interested in long sessions and most of the people are already using this app, which they can download for iOS and Android.


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