Nokia 6 Durability Test shocked everyone


Everyone knows that the superb Nokia 3310 was the most famous phone of its time and the most important specialty of this device was its fame of being almost indestructible.

Few years ago, Nokia made few other devices with same feature like Nokia 520 and Nokia 920. Both these were the toughest phones while Nokia 520 even stopped a bullet.

Now it looks like that another very strong and tough smartphone has again been released by the Finnish company.

Nokia 6 Durability Test and Note 7 Controversy

Nokia 6 is the recent device of the company and it shows same strong features demonstrated in the past. A YouTuber, JerryRigEveryhting, recently tested the device for its durability. He is the same man who previously tested screen of Note 7 in 2016 and the device became subject to a controversy after it scratched quite easily.

In this latest test of Nokia 6, the phone was scratched, bent and burnt to show the ultimate durability test. During this test, Nokia 6 managed well against bending and burning but it scratched rather easily from back and sides. Nokia used a series block of 6000 series aluminum in the phone that could be a reason behind this scratch.

Though, the drop test wasn’t held for Nokia 6 but even this test shows that Nokia 6 is quite tough and durable and can last lot of mechanical blow.

Sold Out in Under a Minute

Recently, Nokia 6 was released in China where it took just 1 minute for selling of all of its devices. After its first announcement in China, it received over 1 million pre orders. During the Mobile World Congress 2017, Nokia 6 was showcased by the company with its lower end siblings including Nokia 3 and Nokia 5.

Soon, the device will be released all around the world and soon we will update its release date in Pakistan.



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