Nokia 6 First Android Smart Phone


Helsinki, Mobile Phone manufacturing company, Nokia has introduced its first smart phone in the market. HMD Global will release this phone and this mobile is given the name of Nokia 6. Microsoft bought the rights of the brand of the Nokia Company in 2014 and Nokia Window phones were released and now HMD is releasing the first android phone in the Market for Nokia.

HMD has confirmed that 7th version, Nogat of the android operating system has been included in it. According to the analysts, Nokia will include the vast world of third party software through the android phone, which can be center of attention for the users. The innovation is also introduced in the hardware of the new phone and 4 GB RAM, 64 GB Circuit storage, 16 MP camera and 3000 mAh battery is installed in this android smart phone. The SDM card slot memory is also present in the smart phone for the additional memory.

According to Nokia, this smart phone will be released in Chinese market and it will give new life to Nokia. The experts say that the Chinese market is becoming stranger and more expanding than the markets of Europe and North America. And it is also easy to install the smart hone there. However, HMD Company is new and it has to face many challenges.

According to the experts of technology that Nokia wants to make its market there and this is the smart phone, which is not expensive and not so much cheap but it has the moderate rate and modern facilities are provided in this smart phone in compare to its competitors. The Snapdragon 430 is installed in its board and it is expected that the rate of the smart phone will be around 25,000 rupees. The dolbie stereo sound will be heard from this ETMOS sound processing and this p[hone is covered in the aluminum case.

According to the analyst experts, the smart phones with android and snapdragon chip is sold in the market from 20 to 30 thousands rupees. The design of the phone has the important role and the costly Apple phones are sold like hot cakes. Nokia 6 android phone will be presented for sale in the next three months.

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