Nokia New Smart phones Coming This Year


Former Rovio CEO Pekka Rantala is arrived as the Chief Marketing Officer of Nokia and there will be changes in the structure of Nokia Company. We may receive the news about the first smart phone of the company in the market after some time.

It is reported that Nokia will launch the first phone in the fourth quarter of this year. The customers can start expecting the launch of the new smart phones from the former giant of Finn and these smart phones will be manufactured by Nokia and Foxconn and the gargantuan phone manufacturing company is providing the facility, which can caters to the smart phone companies like Samsung and Apple.

The General Manager, Mike Wang at Nokia Siemens Networks indicated that the number of the smart phones will be launched in the market and they will be around three or four. He further added that the launch of the smart phone will be pushed back into 2017 if the development is made quickly.

The licensing deal of the smart phones has been signed with the HMD Global Oy and this is the company, which is based outside Finland and it allowed using brand name in feature phones, tablets and smart phones over the following decade. The blogpost is also published for the provision of information but they told less news.

The handsets will run on Android and it could surprise the viewers with the fuller integration of OS this time rather than use the forked version as the old X phones have.

Nokia makes the claim that the brand is still on the top five brands consumers and it considers the buying of the smart phone. In this way, they will turn into profit once the mobile phones get released and it is appeared.


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