Oppo Find X3 To Come With Digital Overlap (DOL) HDR Sensors


The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer Oppo is planning to launch another flagship smartphone Find X3 in next year. The company has revealed about the device in its INNO Day conference. The company claims that the upcoming device will come with enhanced and improved color calibration then before.

The company aims to provide images and best capturing experience and provides a full DCI-P3 gamut coverage and 10-bit color depth for the image storage and display. The Oppo is ready to introduce the new full patch system in the upcoming Oppo Find X3.

The Oppo has built a number of algorithms and a dedicated hardware which especially put an eye on key features like the image quality, color calibrations and enhancements, noise control, balancing distortion and super resolution.

Interestingly the Oppo has given a new dominant feature in the system that it gives a support for Digital Overlap (DOL) HDR sensors. In comparison with other Smartphones that have HDR sensors, the DOL HDR is able to click and save various moments at a time. In this feature there is no need for the image correction while doing photography of the moving objects.

The captured images are saved in the HEIF format that is able to support 10-bit color calibration and images can be edited easily and smoothly by using this format.

For the image displaying, this Oppo Find X3 will be able to function with color calibration procedure to make the colors more accurate according to its screen. For this screen will use 0.4 JNCD for the display match at DCI-P3, with a D65 white point. The color gamut of the image is adjusted in this way for the exact match with of screen display features.

Currently, Oppo is working with Zhejiang University to design and prepare tests for the people who are suffering from the color blindness. So they may be able to see images easily by using color calibration for the display.


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