Over 100,000 Accidents in USA Due to Pokemon Go


Experts have warned the American users not to play ‘Pokemon Go’ while driving because it caused more than 110,000 accidents in USA in which few proved fatal.

According to a research by professor of a university, ‘Pokemon Go’ is producing dangerous effects. The players have to find unreal creatures and characters on specific areas through GPS. It creates movement of walking and exercise but people are facing fatal accidents while in the environment of augmented reality and not giving importance to nearby dangers.

According to Journal of American Medical Association, this game is dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers. According to officials, this game has caused more than 113,000 accidents in USA. A car of a person hit a tree after which 14 more cars suffered accident. The details are taken from twitter and social media. It is said in a tweet that aunty of that person had an accident as she was playing ‘Pokemon’ while driving. Another tweet also talks about car accident.

It also happened in USA that street criminals looted the pokemon players who entered lonely places while teenagers were also seen road and railway line which is a dangerous act.


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