Pak leads 5G Technology Across World


Islamabad, Pakistan is going to include in few countries, in which the latest mobile phone internet technology, 5G is going to be tried. One of the mobile phone company of Pakistan requested with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority that it may be allowed to use the 5G spectrum on the trial basis. It is also learnt that PTA has accorded the approval on this aspect.

5G Technology uses the 5 giga hertz spectrum and it is expected that in the mobile communication, you can get the speed of one giga bits or more in data transmission. After passing from the trial period, now this technology is going to be introduced across the world to get massive benefit. The federal minister for Information Technology has told it during the press conference in Islamabad that this technology will be introduced in Pakistan in 2020. She was addressing with the opening ceremony of ‘Asia Pacific regulators Round table 2016’, which was conducted with the collaboration of International Telecommunication Union (IUT) with PTA. She also confirmed that after starting the trial of the 5G technology in Pakistan, one mobile operator company has started working quickly and Pakistan will be included in those countries, who are going to start the trial of the 5G technology. However, she avoided to tell the name of the mobile phone operating company.


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