Paper Battery to Make Electricity from Dirty Water


New York, The American scientists have prepared less expensive paper battery, which can help to produce electricity from the germs present in the dirty water. This paper battery can be folded.

It is not new idea to prepare the paper battery but the experimental batteries are proved costly, which are made till now. This is the reason, that the use of the paper batteries is not started on the commercial level. But according to the detail of this unique and innovative battery, this battery can be used to provide the electricity to the medical sensors in the less developed areas but some potential possibilities can be considered. This new paper battery can be looked like fat black paper. The Chinese fame scientist of Banjhampton University located in New York has invented this battery and he said that every box of this battery produces very less electricity. When you combine huge number of boxes with each other, then they can produce enough electricity, which can be sufficient for the sensors, which are used for the medical research work.

According to the scientists, contrary to other paper batteries, this battery can produce electricity from the germs, which are present in the dirty water and it can also produce the electricity from the tears, which burst out of the eyes.


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