Pokemon Go Officially Available in Pakistan


Since many months, ‘Pokemon Go’ is among the trending apps’ list while it is available in many countries apart from Pakistan.

But now, this game is officially available in Pakistan also for the players and you can use it through Google Playstore.

Few people might already have downloaded the app from various websites but now every Pakistani Pokemon fan can download the game without any problem. The size of this app is 86 MB which is enough for many people and you have to see the space in your smartphone before downloading the game.

A little About Pokémon Go

It is an AR (Augmented Reality) game in which you have to catch Pokemons (small monsters) by going around with your smartphones.

In different parts of your city, you can find many of them. After catching these monsters, you have to train them and compete against other players.

The reason this game is still trending due to its ability to let you compete against other ‘Pokemon Go’ players in your area. It makes this game really funny and amazing.



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