Precautionary Measures for Using Social Media


You have to remain careful as the use of social media has increased. It is important to know what things should be cared about especially by young girls and how much parents should be sensitive.

The world of internet is unreliable despite its colorfulness. Especially young girls have to remain careful in this world of internet and they should never depend on others blindly.

They should never accept the ‘Friend’s Request’ from unknown persons. Their family members should know about their friends of online and real life. Most of the people deceive on the name of reliability. You should stop the other person if he pretends to be a reliable person.

Never go to an unknown place with an unknown person alone. If someone requests you to meet her outside then you should inform your family members. Remember, you home is your protected area while your family members are your real protectors.

Parents should also be friends of their children. They should remain them so close that there would be no distance between them that could be used by a stranger. Not only take notice on activities of your children but also take part in their activities. Apart from girls, notice should also be taken on the activities of boys.


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