PTA Sets Rs. 200 as Base Price for Sale of New SIMs


According to reports, the base price for new SIMs has been set at Rs. 200 by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. 9th December 2016 is the date of effect of this price for all cellular operators.

PTA spokesperson has confirmed that selling new SIMs below this price will not be possible now. Prior to that, the operators were allowed to sell their SIM at any price. In order to get more subscribers, they even sell SIMs without any price with various promotions. These free SIMs were also available with free resources like free SMS, calls and internet MBs.

But these free SIMs were proving inactive as these SIMs were usually thrown away by customers after consuming their free resources. Now, the new SIM will be charged by Rs. 200 by all operators.

But there are expectations that the operators will try to minimize the effect of this base price by presenting several free resources.

It should be remembered that biometric verification is necessary before selling new SIMs while maximum five SIMs can be attained by one CNIC holder.

But we also got the news that one operator opposed this decision of base price and legal battle is expected against this decision. But before any such legal action, the SIMs will be available at Rs. 200 from 9th December 2016.



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