PTA Survey Telcos Fastest 3G & 4G Speeds in Pakistan


telecom industry

telecom industry

PTA has conducted the quarterly survey in 2018 in about 27 cities of Pakistan and they monitored the quality of service, which is being provided to the customers by the telecom operators in Pakistan. The telcos were ranked on different metrics for the performance in data, SMS and voice. PTA Survey Telcos Fastest 3G & 4G Speeds in Pakistan.


Zong has the fastest 3G while Jazz has the fastest 4G speeds in 2018 in Pakistan. In the User data throughput (3G), Zong has 6.35 mbps while Jazz is trailing at 5.22 mbps. Telenor is at the third position with 3.64 mbps and Ufone has the data of 3.45 mbps.

In the Use data throughput (4G), Jazz is leading with 20.67 mbps while Zong is on the second position with 14.05 mbps and Telenor is on 6.23 mbps.


Service Accessibility

Ufone has provided the network of 99.90% and Telenor offered the network availability of 98.98%.

Grade of Service

Have you checked the use of service provided by the cell service provider and it has been unable because of the network indicator to show signals. It is called network blocking and grade of service measures. Ufone has best grade of service with the score of 0.10% and Telenor was at the last with 1.02%.

End to End speech quality

Zong has the best clarity of voice and Telenor has the worst quality of voice.

Session abnormal release rate

The metric measures how the users abnormally lose the connection. Telenor was the last with 1.64% drop rate and Ufone was the first with 0.30% dropped rate.


End to end SMS delivery time

Ufone takes more time to deliver the SMS and Zong has the quick service to deliver the SMS.


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