Punjab Govt Imposed Tax on Internet


Punjab Government has determined that on mobile internet they are going to impose a 19.5% tax across the province, although it had clearly promised everyone that a earlier decision of taxes on internet is withdrawn. If this report “The News” is to be believed then today an announcement is expected that is going to impose 19.5% tax for mobile data usage across the province.

The One C level executive of a cellular company, who have been discussing with a member of Pakistan Revenue Authority, mentioned that Pakistan Revenue Authority has taken a U-Turn and that is currently looking for to put tax on mobile internet usage. But the DSL customers might be free from the tax.

Punjab Govt Imposed Tax on Internet

Punjab Govt Imposed Tax on Internet

It may be withdrawn that the Government of Punjab had imposed 19.5% tax on internet services via an SRO on 28th of May 2015. Afterward following protest from different stakeholders, the Finance Minister Punjab Dr Ayesha Ghaus, throughout her budget speech on 13th of June 2015 declared the setback of internet taxes and mentioned that notification is going to be reversed shortly.

Punjab government has clearly taken a U-Tuen and there’s nothing much one can do about liars

In her speech, she had mentioned that decision for reversal of internet taxes came following provincial cabinet’s approval.

In spite of promises from Finance Minister, announcement for reversal of taxes was never declared and Pakistan Revenue Authority was declaring verbal assurances ever while cellular companies asked if for explanation on the issue.

Currently, following almost 2 months of this uncertain situation, Punjab government is planning to tax mobile data usage again. To secure its face, Pakistan Revenue Authority is looking forward to make free the DSL users from internet taxes which are less than 2% in the whole Punjab province.

Actually this is obviously a U-Turn which the government of Punjab has taken from its earlier stance and there is nothing much one can do other than stance the liars who are imposing taxes following taxes.

Just to say, that there is another 14% preservation tax imposed by the federal government, which is going to be received individually by the operators, additionally 19.5% GST imposed by the provinces.

Entirely, there is around 33.5% tax the users will have to pay out ultimately, for a commodity that is known a basic right in almost every country of the world.


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