Reasons MSN Messenger better than WhatsApp and Snapchat


Now, it is easier to connect with friends due to easily available social networking services like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp as a result of smatrphones and internet connections.

But MSN Messenger was the most excited service to connect with friends in past. Social networking messengers were founded by MSN Messenger before the start of latest century. But in 2013, the growing popularity of messaging apps forced Microsoft to eliminate the service in different stages.

Despite the fact that current messaging apps are more liked for socializing but many still remember the great service of its time.

Following are 5 such specs that will make MSN Messenger on top as compared to WhatsApp and Facebook.

  1. 1.      Sending nudges

The double blue tick feature of WhatsApp provides information about receiving and reading of your message by a friend but absence of any response by your friends proves frustrating in this situation. The Nudge feature of MSN was quite helpful in this situation.

Even a sleeping person had to pay attention after hearing the sharp buzzing sound that could be created by just tapping on the nudge button.

  1. 2.      Status switching

Only online presence is necessary to drop messages to your friends in services like WhatsApp and Facebook and it is not possible to chat with someone without internet connection. But this option was previously available in MSN. Apart from that, switching to offline to online was also simple in order to send a pop-up message to group of friends.

  1. 3.      Emojis

Emojis got popularity thanks to MSN but these emojis were quite simple and easily understandable in these days as compared to current emojis. Winky face, guy with sunglasses and devil smiley were the most popular emojis of that time.

  1. 4.      Show what I’m listening to

Syncing music player with MSN was possible for users due to its feature of “Show What I’m listeing to”. But it was slightly uncomfortable due to high pressure in case you choose the wrong song pop up.

Pictures and appearances are given preference by Facebook and WhatsApp in the current selfie generation.

  1. 5.      The excitement of using the Messenger

Facebook and WhatsApp provide options of instant chat to its users that have taken the charm and beauty of MSN as these features are convenient as compared to excitement of the iconic service. Users were eager to reach home from school and start using Messenger which was a new service those days but this excitement has vanished now.


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