Samsung Beats Apple And Becomes Largest Phone Maker Around Globe


According to a recent report by Strategy Analytics, South Korean smartphone maker Samsung defeated Apple in February to take the number one position in global smartphone sales. In Q4 2020, Apple dominated the market due to the massive sales of the iPhone 12

Over the past month, however, Samsung has seen an increase in sales, which has helped it regain its status. The company reportedly shipped 24 million units of its smartphones in February 2021 with a market share of 23.1%. Apple, meanwhile, managed to sell 23 million units, with a market share of 22.2%

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi claimed third place with 11.5% market share, followed by Vivo and OPPO with 10.6% and 8.5% market share, respectively. Note that almost none of these smartphone brands have a limited presence in the United States

In January, Samsung’s market share was 15.6%, while Apple’s was 25.4%. Compared to the previous year, Samsung saw a 26% increase in shipments. The company’s sales may have been affected by the launch of the Galaxy S21 series in January. Another important factor is the decline in Huawei’s share. The Chinese company has always given Samsung a hard time before the US imposed sanctions


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