Samsung Expects Record-Breaking Profits 2017


Samsung has released its new coming handset, Galaxy S8. This South Korean handset is expected to earn the profit of $8.7 billion in the first three quarters of 2017, which will be its best selling since its last three years. It is mark of the increase of 48% more than the same quarter of 2016.

Semiconductor Business Behind Profits

The increasing figures of the handset are provided as result of Samsung booming the semiconductor business and it is expected that it will earn the sale of about $5.2 billion. The mobile division is expected to lag behind at $1.8 billion and it is acceptable after the losses of about $5.3 billion, which are added to Note 7 fiasco the previous year.

Samsung has started the pre-orders of the Samsung, Galaxy S8 and S8+ flagships and they have been looking for the record level of pre-orders.

Display Division Holds Strong

The company has done its deal with OLED with Apple and it is supplying about 70 million panels to Cupertino for its new coming iPhone 8 flagship. The display segment of the company became the second largest after the release of Note 7 and it is expected to continue it. Samsung is well known to make the best displays in smart phone industry. It is true for Galaxy S8 and the phone was reported to have the best display on the smart phone.

Strong Investor Confidence

The stock prices of Samsung have been increased more than 15% this year and it has increased by 43% over last year. The corruption scandal to plague the company leader this year and it seems that such issue doe not deter the confidence of the investors at all.

People are waiting for the figures, which are going to release in quarterly report this month and this may be the strongest financial year of Samsung.



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