Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with Sound on Display Technology


Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The leading mobile making company, Samsung might be changed its course from its predecessors in one way. This company is ditching the headphone jack and it will also ditch the traditional earpiece and use the sound on the display technology. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with Sound on Display Technology.

It is speculated that the protective film leaks of Note 10 with the experimenting with aforementioned technology and the protective film do not show cuttings of earpiece and there is one small hole for the selfie camera. People believe that Samsung opted for better version of sound on technology, which is being used in Galaxy M40. But the technology used in M40 did not get the positive feedback and the customers claimed that the sound is felt hollow and maximum call volume of their mobile phone was not sufficient.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Stylus feature

The technology works were conducted by transmission of the piezoelectric vibration from display to ears of user and the same technology was used in M40.

Samsung might shift to ‘Crystal sound OLED’, which was first showcased in LG G8. The piezoelectric vibrations are paired with traditional bottom firing speaker to get better audio output. If it is true that it could mean that Note 10 will be first smart phone, which has three different apertures in a single camera lens. The smart phone camera tech is the fast approaching DSRL and the mirrorless camera tech is the good thing.


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