Samsung Galaxy S8 Random Rebooting Issue


According to the users report that the latest flagship phones of Samsung Galaxy, S8 and S8+ are suffered with random reboots. During the launching week of the smart phone, it has tinted display, which is an issue Samsung is facing and it is trying to handle it throughout rollout of 300 MB+ update. It appears that there are most of the users, who are facing such random reboots on their phones.

There are owners of S8 and S8+, who are present online on Reddit and own online forums of the company to complain about the abnormality.

What May Have caused Problem

One can guess about the root cause of the issue and some explain that there is microSD card slot in the handset, which is creating problems. It seems that it is the temporary fix for the small number of audience. It also does not work in most instances. The Samsung customer service recommends some of the customers to reboot their phones in the safe mode to ensure that their issue is not according to the conflicting apps. It seems that it does not fix the problem.

There are some voices raising in favor of linking the issue to biometric, face recognition, conflicting low power mode and more so they are guessing at this point.

Samsung’s Input Needed

Samsung reports back on the root cause of the issue and they are inconclusive. The issue is ranged from the nuisance and to the downright. The restart of the mobile phone is common for new smart phones and there are some of the users, who reported the restart of minimum 7 times after ten hours of usage. A user, who complained to Samsung about the issue, was recommended by company to send the phone back to retailer for free replacement. We could see similar to Note 7 fiasco if this issue persists for longer. The viewers can watch this space for further developments on the issue.



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