Samsung Plans to Grab Huawei’s Market Share by Early Launch of Galaxy S21


The Korean tech giant Samsung is on the way to give a challenging situation to the Chinese smartphone maker Huawei by early launch of Samsung Galaxy S21. It is to be noted that Huawei is already facing a challenging time due to restrictions imposed by US government. Hence, the company rivals like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo, are looking to gobble up some of its market shares.

According to an official leak by Reuters, Samsung Plans to Grab Huawei’s market shares by early launch of Galaxy S21 surprisingly deviating from its officially scheduled annual launch. On the other side Apple has also recently released iPhone 12 series and launch of Samsung’s S21 will also shorten the gap.

For Huawie, things may go better with the newly elected US president Joe Biden. The South Korean Smartphone component suppliers are reportedly expecting for the relaxation of the trade sanctions by the Biden administration, but it can’t be assumed finally what happens in the future


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