Samsung Tizen App Challenge to developers


On Wednesday, Samsung started an initiative for developers of third-party apps to contribute in its new OS by announcing the launch of “Tizen App Challenge”.

Tizen is a new operating system that is developed by teaming of Intel and Samsung for the ‘Technical Steering Group’. This new OS is coming to challenge the established operating systems of Android (Google) and iOS (Apple). Like Android, Tizen also works as an open source platform in which smartphone manufacturers can install their own user interface in it.

This Tizen competition will be held from 18th August to 21st November in which all unity developers can participate. Unity Technologies is the developer of cross-platform game engine ‘Unity’ which has a built-in IDE. This game engine is used to develop video games for mobile devices, desktop platforms, consoles and web plugins.

There are two parts of this challenge. Initially, the developers should be able to get at least 10,000 downloads on Google Play Store and then they will be allowed by Samsung to put their apps on Tizen Store.

$3000 will be given to first 50 selected apps. At the end of the competition, $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd position holders with highest number of downloads.


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