Shoes Will Charge Mobile Phones


Washington, The department of Engineering in University of Wisconsin has prepared a show for the soldiers and poor people of the backward areas that they charge the mobile phones during walking. Now the tiles, bags and soles of the shoes are made, which can generate the energy but the experts claim that their manufactured shoes can change the kinetic energy into the electricity in very effective way.

The scientists of University of Wisconsin say that the human walking has great energy. 10 watt energy can be produced with the help of one shoe, which is destroyed in shape of heat. When this 10 watt energy is produced during walk, people should not consider it less energy because it can help the people to charge the modern mobile phones. There is new technology in the success of the shoe, which is given the name of ‘Reverse Electropinting’, in which one conductor liquid of electricity is included one nano film level. Equipment is also prepared, which is given the name of Bilber and there is no active part in Bilber but two straight plates are installed in it and the liquid is filled in these plates. There are tiny holes in the lower plate and pressure gas is injected in it and it makes the bubble. These bubbles get swell and they strike against the upper plate and burst. Through this process, the liquid flows forward and backward and it makes the electricity.

The electricity generated through this process, the mobile phone and iPad can be charged and this method can also be used for the remote areas to generate the electricity. The experts set up the Start Up Company, and the practical aspect of the shoe is shown in its video.



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