Global Outage of WhatsApp and Now Back

Global Outage of WhatsApp and Now Back

Facebook Inc is owned the popular messaging service, WhatsApp and this service has faced the widespread global outage that continued for about two and half hour and after that it was ... Continue Reading →
Important Feature of Facebook and Twitter now in WhatsApp

Important Feature of Facebook and Twitter now in WhatsApp

Silicon Valley, A new feature is going to be introduced in WhatsApp and the users will get its benefit and they will place their three favorite chats on its top. This feature is already ... Continue Reading →
WhatsApp add Un-Send Option to Take Back Wrongly Sent SMS

WhatsApp add Un-Send Option to Take Back Wrongly Sent SMS

Washington, WhatsApp is social media site to call or send message to the users. Sometimes, people send the message on the wrong number by mistake and it creates problems for the senders. ... Continue Reading →
WhatsApp Deletes Sent Message

WhatsApp Deletes Sent Message

The popular mobile phone application WhatsApp of social media site has introduced an important on its updated version on the experimental basis and now the sent message can be deleted. ... Continue Reading →

Alcatel Now Supports Multiple WhatsApp & Social Media Apps

Now, you can run separate WhatsApp accounts for each number on your dual SIM Android phones and the service is provided by TCL Communication. This new app like functionality is available ... Continue Reading →
FB Messanger

Share One Hour Live Location Option on Facebook Messenger

New York, the users can use the facebook messenger and they can inform their friends about their exact location, on which they are present and they can also exchange their location ... Continue Reading →

Use Google to Know Real Time Placement of Friends

San Francisco, Google has included a new feature in its app in the Google maps. With the use of this feature, they can share real time with the placement of their present to the users. ... Continue Reading →

Reasons MSN Messenger better than WhatsApp and Snapchat

Now, it is easier to connect with friends due to easily available social networking services like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp as a result of smatrphones and internet connections. But ... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp Alert Not Click Every Picture

Silicon Valley, It is forbidden to the users of WhatsApp and Telegram that they should not click every picture, which appears in their WhatsApp account. If you receive any picture message ... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp Let Hackers Take Control Accounts

A major security hole was found in two popular messaging apps Telegram and WhatsApp. If these two messaging apps are used from a web browser then the problem can be faced at end to ... Continue Reading →
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