Headspace – Meditation

Headspace Meditation

You can get a healthier and happier life by training your mind with proven meditation techniques of ‘Headspace’. It starts with a basic ‘Take10’ program in which you only have ... Continue Reading →

Memrise Learn Languages Free

You can learn new languages with this app. But it helps you to learn language in a funny way instead of a boring process. You will be transformed in to a spy in another universe and ... Continue Reading →


It is a great app for those who want to change their faces and use AR. It was bought by Facebook in 2016 due to its popularity. Through hundreds of filters in this app, you can change ... Continue Reading →
Google Allo

Google Allo

Another exciting app this year was ‘Google Allo’. Apart from making and sending pictures, Google also provided AI as personal assistant for the user. Through this app, you can ‘Whisper’ ... Continue Reading →

EyeEm Money Camera

Many among us are fond of making photographs. Few are using their camera phones are others are using even DSLRs for this purpose. Now these people can even make money for the funny ... Continue Reading →
Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

This game created the biggest hype in the year. It is nothing more than a game but both adults and children are addicted to it in order to compete against their friends. It spread on ... Continue Reading →

Drupe Contacts Phone Dialler

Dialing and contact on mobiles are still same despite the alteration of phones to be smart. But now it is changed by Drupe as it brings all the features of dialers and contacts and ... Continue Reading →

Photomath Camera Calculator

This perfect invention for students is especially for those who hate the subject of mathematics. You will get the solution of your problem by putting the camera to the question. The ... Continue Reading →

Prisma App of the Year 2016

Prisma is a cloud computing app that achieved the status of ‘app of the year’ due to its popularity among masses. It provided best art styles to the people and gave a new view to ... Continue Reading →

Best Top 10 Android Apps of 2016

It is a tradition for Google to celebrate year at its end by giving information about its top games, apps etc. from its store that remained on top in the year from both by users’ ... Continue Reading →
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