Facebook Introduces New buy and Sell Platform

Social site Facebook has introduced new sell and purchase platform for its users which is against eBay and now FB is inviting its users to use this platform. FB will introduce ‘Shop ... Continue Reading →

Over 100,000 Accidents in USA Due to Pokemon Go

Experts have warned the American users not to play ‘Pokemon Go’ while driving because it caused more than 110,000 accidents in USA in which few proved fatal. According to a research ... Continue Reading →

Opera Browser With Free Built-in VPN

If you want to browse the web with peace from restrictions and privacy then you have to use VPNs or virtual private networks. Through them, you can use the internet without worrying ... Continue Reading →

10 Hidden WhatsApp features need to know

Recently, Whatsapp launched its desktop app through which users can do many new things. But it seems the users are not fully aware about these new features which is the reason for them ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Beats Everyone with Speech Recognition Tech

Microsoft has done the research work and the researchers have reached to the new milestone to enhance the understanding of today computer. Now the computers are getting better at the ... Continue Reading →

Google Maps Lahore Now Display Ride Hailing Options

Google has launched the special tab showing the ‘Ride Hailing Services’, which is provided in Google Maps. This special tab is used to do the search work for the particular route ... Continue Reading →

Google Launches Allo Messenger for chatting

Despite great progress, Google is behind in the race of messenger and now Google will soon present ‘Allo’ to overcome this deficiency. ‘Allo’ is the French name for ‘Hello’ ... Continue Reading →

Dropbox 68 million user IDs stolen

Dropbox is a cloud-based data storage company which told on Thursday that passwords and user IDs of its around 68 million customers are recently leaked on internet while they were stolen ... Continue Reading →

Instagram allows zoom in on photos videos

On Wednesday, Instagram allowed its users to zoom their photos and videos while this feature was waited by the users for quite long time. Instagram said in a blog post that the users ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Chan

Samsung Tizen App Challenge to developers

On Wednesday, Samsung started an initiative for developers of third-party apps to contribute in its new OS by announcing the launch of “Tizen App Challenge”. Tizen is a new operating ... Continue Reading →
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