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Precautionary Measures for Using Social Media

You have to remain careful as the use of social media has increased. It is important to know what things should be cared about especially by young girls and how much parents should ... Continue Reading →
Google Updates Its Logo

Google Set to Replace Adobe Flash With HTML5

Google has already made it clear that Adobe Flash Player is going to be replaced with HTML5. The users use the adobe flash player as software to watch the online videos and it has played ... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp Callback & Voicemail Features

WhatsApp is a famous messaging service which has just introduced new features like sending bold and italic messaging and now two new features will also be available for users of iOS ... Continue Reading →

10 Celebs Pokémon Go Addicted

Pokemon Go is getting popular among the people around the world. This is the addictive gaming app and most of the people become habitual to play this game. This game has some serious ... Continue Reading →

Social Media Mobile Apps King Survey

The survey has been conducted in the market which revealed top 30 downloaded and the excessive used apps on the Android and iOS app stores. The social media apps are provided in the ... Continue Reading →

Success of Pokemon Go Apple To Invest in Augmented Reality

We expect most of the people will be aware about the new ‘Pokemon Go’ game. Now it seems staff at Apple is also quite impressed with the success of this game. The company has just ... Continue Reading →

A Software that convert drying in photos

The experts of Radboud University of Holland have introduced such algorithm which can change the hand-made sketches to camera photos. Nowadays, “Prisma” mobile app is getting fame ... Continue Reading →

100 Million Voice Calls a Day on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the social media website, which is providing to the viewers to make calls. Now an interesting apps is introduced in Whatsapp according to which it can see about one hundred ... Continue Reading →
Apple Best Designed Apps of 2016

Apple Best Designed Apps of 2016

In this year’s WWDC event, Apple has announced its 12 best apps of the year which is a traditional step by the company. There are two student-submitted apps along with ten developer ... Continue Reading →
Guidelines About Best Antivirus Software

Guidelines About Best Antivirus Software

Due to vast spread of internet and the quickly increase in security threats, no gadget is safe from the malware and spyware. Some spyware can do spy on your every task and you seem ... Continue Reading →
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