Sony Ultra Slow-Motion 1000 fps Phone Camera Sensor


Currently, Sony is especially known for its sensors in the mobile camera business and the latest sensor by the company will really stun everyone.

For the first time, a 3-layered CMOS image sensor with special RAM is introduced by Sony in order to provide best performance.

Through this dedicated RAM, the camera can shoot the maximum 19.3 MP image in only 1/120th of a second which is at least 4 times faster than any other camera. Due to this high speed of the lens, the focal placed distortion is reduced markedly. Its main specialty is that any phone with an image processor can use this lens due to its simple technology.

But the most important feature of this sensor is its ability to provide extremely slow motion video. Currently, 120 fps videos at 1080p is the best quality a camera phone provides but the latest invention by Sony pushes the limit to 1000 fps at 1080p.

It is also the ability of sensor to start the high speed mode and identify sudden changes. Between CMOS and the circuit layer, the RAM and image sensor are present net to each other in order to reduce the noise.

So far, release date of the chip is not known but hopefully the smartphone companies will be able to get it very soon.

We are hopeful that this latest chip will be seen in the future’s flagship device of Sony and it is expected to remain above of its competitors.



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