Sony Xperia Z Price and Specs in Pakistan


Including with a cutting edge camera, a super slim design and the capability of withstand life’s knocks and bumps (and Android Jelly Bean to boot), this device got us fired up regarding the Sony Mobile again.

The earlier smartphones like Sony Xperia S and Sony Xperia T were very talented from a brand came out on its own, however it’s along with the Xperia Z which Sony is actually banking on creating a disastrous depression in the makeup of the device market.

You can just simply check out its marketing hype if you don’t believe us. Valentine’s Day saw ads on many successive pages of famous newspapers in the United Kingdom and you cannot pass a billboard without having it in magnificent Technicolor, supplement by a solid declaration that the Sony Company has “reinvented the device.”

The Sony Xperia Z is equipped with some of the top specs on the market and its among the most highly expected device of recent months. Revealing earlier then the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony is obviously expecting to steal an early march on its challenger.

This device is equipped with a a quad-core 1.5GHz Snaprdragon Krait processor, 13MP camera, 16GB storage (expandable, woohoo!), 2GB RAM, water and dust-resistant, 1080p HD screen with Bravia Engine, LTE.


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