Success in increasing Performance of Smartphones Battery


Despite modern progress in smartphone, its battery could not be modernized much while the battery of smartphone and its charging has become a huge problem. But now a company has claimed to half the size and doubled the performance of battery which means that this battery of special material will run for longer time and its capacity will be better than other batteries available in the market.

This battery, prepared by Solid Energy Systems, will be half in size and double in performance while CEO of the company told that size of the battery will be reduced to half and this can run the phone till the time of lithium battery. Its performance will automatically be doubled if its size is increased according to the size of today’s batteries.


Currently, we are mostly using lithium ion battery in which negative charged electron travels from graphite cathode to anode with positive charge. On the other hand, high energy material sheet of lithium has also been used which not only charges the battery more but also increases the life of battery.


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