Super Mario Run for Android Coming Soon


The mobile phone game, Super Mario Run was released for the iOS and it got tremendous popularity and it is set to be brought on the Android.

The users could not download the game from Google Play Station and you can pre-register the game when the game gets notified. Nintendo has developed this game and it did not announce the release date for the Android but we cannot say when it will be provided in the market.

About Super Mario Run

When Super Mario Run game was released on iOS and it was the huge hit of the game on the mobile games. It was downloaded 37 times on the first three days of the release.

The game will be similar to the original Mario Bros and this game is for NES and SNES. They need to tap on the screen to jump and press and hold their finger to ump higher. They can watch the brief video about the works of the game.

This game features the first three levels in free version and they have to pay $9.99 to unlock rest of the levels.

Downloads Already Decreasing on iOS

This game was released on iOS and it remained successful on the first few days of its release but it did not continued for long. But there was significant download of this game after few days. The users have to pay $9.99 to get the full game and it did not sit well with iOS users. The conversion rate for the game, Super Mario Run on iOS is about 1-2% and it pays only 1%, which is $10 to unlock the game. The conversion number on Android will be lesser and the average iOS users pay more than the Android users for apps. Google Play Stations get the twice of the download on average and half the revenue.

This difference in numbers will prompt the Nintendo to reduce the prices for Android version of the game and the people are waiting for it.

If you are fan of Mario and want to try the game, then you can pre-register for it on the Google Play Store. If you are on iOS, then you can download the Super Mario Run on iTunes App Store today.



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