Google starts working on page like display Tearable Display

Google starts working on page like display Tearable Display

Google has started working on such display that will remain illuminating like mobile and TV screen but they can be cut and tear in various parts. Companies like LG and Samsung are ... Continue Reading →

Google Unveils Pixel C Flagship Android Tablet

Google has launched the latest and fresh handset and this handset is the Pixel C flagship android tablet, which is created with the collaboration of the giant partners online. This ... Continue Reading →

Launches Smartphone Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P

In the mobile phone market, two latest and new handsets have been introduced. LG introduces Nexus 5X, which has the size of 5.2” and Huawei introduces the handset, Nexus 6P, having ... Continue Reading →

5 Features to Look Forward to in Android Marshmallow 6.0

  Google is going to release the new Android version of the smart phone and it is found in developer state preview. This handset will be released in the market in short time and ... Continue Reading →

LG Nexus 5 Specs Features & Price in Pakistan

While the Nexus 5 revealed in the month of October 2013 which was praised as the best which Google has to provide, however nearly 2 years on is that yet the case or has the search ... Continue Reading →
PTCL SmartLink

Landline Number on Smartphones: PTCL SmartLink App

Now PTCL is providing the facility to its customers that they can receive and make landline calls through their mobile phones. The outgoing calls are charged according to your regular ... Continue Reading →
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