Nokia 3310

Information about new Version of Nokia 3310

After the announcement of reappearance of Nokia’s famous mobile phone 3310, now we have got more information about this old mobile phone in new shape. According to a Chinese website, ... Continue Reading →
Nokia 6

Nokia 6 Sells Like Hot Cakes in China

Nokia is the leading and trusted mobile phone manufacturing company, which has already launched various unique and wonderful smart phones in the market. Now this company has started ... Continue Reading →
Nokia N1 Pictures

Nokia N1 Android tablet launches in China on January 7

On November, Nokia (the part of the company that was not the property of Microsoft because it was not sold off to Microsoft) launched its primary Android running Tablet, it named the ... Continue Reading →
Nokia Lumia 1520 Photo

Nokia Lumia 1520 32GB AT&T goes on Sale

At $250 with contract, AT&T has added the 32GB version of the Nokia Lumia 1520 phablet on its web store. It should be noted that the red, yellow and white versions don’t have ... Continue Reading →
Nokia Lumia 520 Wallpaper

Nokia Lumia 520 going to sale on $50

At the time when Nokia Lumia 525 became official, the Lumia 520 gets an impressive cut just a day after that. Official Windows Store and AT&T will be selling the phone from today ... Continue Reading →
Nokia Asha 502 Dual SIM

Nokia Asha 502 Dual SIM & Asha 503 going for Sale

The 502 Dual SIM and the 503 are the two Asha 50x phones put on sale by Nokia. The two add a transparent outer layer on the back, but are based on the Asha 501. By bumping the camera ... Continue Reading →
Nokia Normandy Image

Nokia Normandy going to Launches new Nokia Asha Handset

Nokia is going to release the handsets of Nokia Asha series and the news on the Twitter is uploaded with courtesy of @evleaks. The first smart phone of Nokia Asha family has given ... Continue Reading →
Nokia Lumia 1520 Mobile Set

Europe gets first dibs Nokia Lumia 1520 begin sales

France is the first market for sale of Nokia’s first phablet, The Lumia 1520. The device will be hitting the stores of USA, Russia, Italy and Hong Kong later this week. By markets, ... Continue Reading →
Nokia Lumia 2520 Wallpaper

Nokia Lumia 2520 unveils by AT&T on 22nd Nov

AT&T is going to announce that the Nokia Lumia 2520 will be provided in the market and this smart phone will also be made available in the walk in store on November 22 online. This ... Continue Reading →
Nokia Lumia 1520 Wallpaper

Nokia Lumia 1520 pre-orders announced by Microsoft

AT&T detailed the displaying plans of the smart phone, Nokia Lumia 1520 a few days ago and now Microsoft has displayed the plans for its launching. The Redmond Company has now launched ... Continue Reading →
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