Get Wifi without Password

Get Wifi without Password

We start searching for a free WiFi hotspot when there is no credit in the phone or duration of 3G data pack ends. But it is a difficult thing to know whether there is a free internet ... Continue Reading →
Google starts working on page like display Tearable Display

Google starts working on page like display Tearable Display

Google has started working on such display that will remain illuminating like mobile and TV screen but they can be cut and tear in various parts. Companies like LG and Samsung are ... Continue Reading →
Opera browser free built-in VPN for online privacy

Opera browser free built-in VPN for online privacy

A free built-in Virtual Private Network (VPN) is present in the latest desktop browser of Opera while VPN is used to avoid censorship. Opera Software ASA is a Norwegian advertising ... Continue Reading →
PTCL Gaming Lounge

PTCL Gaming Lounge Brings New Online Multiplayer Gaming Servers

Pakistan Telecommunication has introduced the new online game servers on different titles and the clients can get the whole new list of the titles of the platform for the games for ... Continue Reading →
Huawei GR3

Huawei GR3 Price & Specs in Pakistan

The GR3 smartphones will soon be launched by Huawei. According to an official statement by Huawei, the mobile will be launched here in March 2016 while it is a midrange smartphone. ... Continue Reading →
Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus

Lenovo Vibe K5 Plus Price & Specs in Pakistan

The Vibe K5 Plus is a affordable and also quite premium phone by Lenovo. There are dual stereo Dolby Atmos speakers at the back of the phone while it comes with a metal design to run. It ... Continue Reading →
Google Voice navigation for Pakistan

Google Voice navigation for Pakistan

The turn-by-turn navigation system of Google has been launched in Pakistan through which the users will be able to know about their desired directions through visual and vocal instructions. This ... Continue Reading →
Haier Watches

Haier introduces Android Smart watch for the Masses

Until now, Haier wasn’t famous for any types of wearable smartphones or gadgets. But now the company has introduced its first Android smartwatch as it is taking seriously about the ... Continue Reading →
France introduces “LiFi” 5G Internet Technology

France introduces “LiFi” 5G internet technology

Many people complain about slowness of Wi Fi connection but the experts have now found the solution of this problem. A French internet company has introduced the Li Fi technology which ... Continue Reading →
Speed Test

Pakistan Ranks 4th Slowest in World for 4G LTE Speeds

The UK based wireless coverage mapping company has done the research work over the speed of 4G LTE services in Pakistan. The company found that Pakistan is the 4th slowest country in ... Continue Reading →
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