Palm Sized Magnetic Tape

330 TBs of Data Can Be Held in A Palm Sized Magnetic Tape

  Previously, we had floppy disks that can store just few MBs of data in them but currently we are enjoying the services of disk drives with the capability of storing several ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Left Intel Behind in Making Microchip

Samsung Left Intel Behind in Making Microchip

London, Intel has been producing and selling of the powerful and most of the computer chips and now Samsung is advancing in this field. Now Samsung is the large number of microchip ... Continue Reading →
Few Tips to charge Smartphone Quickly

Few Tips to charge Smartphone Quickly

We are living in an era where we spend some part of our daily time in charging our mobile appliances and smartphones because they are an important part of our life. Few things are ... Continue Reading →

Xiaomi Rich MIUI 9 Features

Xiaomi declared its plan to launch the latest version of android skin, MIUI 9 and the list of the supported devices with Mi 5X. MIUI 9 was launched in the market with 3 new features ... Continue Reading →
Huawei Launches Special Edition Smart Watches

Huawei Launches Special Edition Smart Watches

Huawei is back in the market with the declaration of band 2 and band 2 pro and for the new ultra premium smart watch in the market. The product is more spruced up version of Huawei ... Continue Reading →
Lenovo Tablet

First Lenovo Tablet Folds into Smart Phone

  Lenovo is the leading company, which has earned good reputation to introduce the wonderful device with the features. The Chinese tech giant has now introduced the wonderful ... Continue Reading →
Facebook Might Be Launching Its Own Phone

Facebook Might Be Launching Its Own Phone

The experts think that Facebook wants to manufacture a phone who parts can be replaced multiple times and they think so after viewing the patent filed by Facebook.   Facebook ... Continue Reading →
Luxury Smartphone Maker Vertu

Luxury Smartphone Maker Vertu is Close To Collapse

The luxury smartphone maker ‘Vertu’, limited to fulfill requirement to rich and famous, is now approaching its end as the company has announced regarding its shut down. Only ... Continue Reading →
Galaxy On Max

Samsung New Smartphone Galaxy On Max

Galaxy on Max is the latest smartphone released by Samsung. There is a mid range processor, a large display and a good camera in the latest device. Currently, the latest device by Samsung ... Continue Reading →
Vivo X9s and X9s Plus

Vivo Announces Reveal of X9s and X9s Plus

Vivo has introduced two new smart phones in the market, the X9s and X9s Plus. These smart phones have the features of dual front camera as the unique selling points and the successors, ... Continue Reading →
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