Telenor is Shutting Down Its Service Centers


According to a recent announcement by Telenor, all the sales and service centers of the companies across Pakistan will be closed down that will result in the end of job for employees working there.

According to details, there are total 17 service centers of the company that will be closed down after which the after sale and support services will be provided in the country by 289 franchises.

According to Telenor, it is trying to ensure providing complete service in the absence of service centers by providing additional features to the third-party franchises.

The company added that its customers have got more experience and can easily resolve most of the issues through help lines and self care apps. During this closing process, around 200 of its employees will lose their job.

Telenor told that it will offer compensation of gross salaries multiply service years multiply 0.5 along with benefits like annual bonus (2.25 salaries), medical allowance and gratuity for eligible candidates. Telenor said that it will try to make this process as smooth as possible by providing very necessary support to its employees.




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