Use Google to Know Real Time Placement of Friends


San Francisco, Google has included a new feature in its app in the Google maps. With the use of this feature, they can share real time with the placement of their present to the users. The clients can use this app and they can guide their friends by telling them the right direction and placement.

Google maps shared it in 2013 and gave it the name of ‘Latitude’ and now Google map was used in it. Now this facility works in better way with the Google maps and now it is being criticized that most of the third parties use the apps and they can know the placement of each other through this apps and iMessage. There are many apps, which can keep the vehicles in contact during their long journey.

This feature is provided to the users and they will have to work hard to use it. They will have to open the Google maps and tap on the blue point keeping online and this blue point shows their place and after tapping, the side menu will open and select the ‘Get Started’. After that select ‘Share Location’ and include the number of such people, to whom you want to tell your location. You can share your location in few minutes, hours, and on the month and daily basis. If the people do not have the facility to watch the Google maps, they can get information about your place through SMS and the sharing of correct placement can create problems for you. Due to this reason, facebook has removed the option of the correct placement from it and now it can be shown to the close friends.

The App 4 Square is very popular to share the real time report and various people are using this app in Pakistan for last many years.


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