WhatsApp Callback & Voicemail Features


WhatsApp is a famous messaging service which has just introduced new features like sending bold and italic messaging and now two new features will also be available for users of iOS including voicemail and callback.

This new update is available on the App Store with version number 2.16.8. now if you call someone without any response, the new app will provide you three options including: cancel, call again and voice message.


You will get to the chat screen through ‘cancel’ button while you can call the person again through the feature of ‘call again’. Through third option ‘voice message’, you can record and then send this recorded message to the phone of the receiver.

How to Send a Voice Message?

If your contacted person doesn’t answer your call then the new service allows you to send a voicemail or voice message as the option of Voice Message is present on the right side.

You can record a message by tapping and hold on that button. The message will be send when you lift your finger from screen after completing the message. Like regular recorded message, the receiver will get the voice message on his phone.

If you want to cancel the message then the recording can be stopped by swiping the Voice Message button on the left of the screen. Before sending the message, you can’t listen the recorded message.

How Do I Get the New Features?


It’s quite simple for iOS users. After visiting App Store, you only have to update WhatsApp to version 2.16.8.


Currently, this new feature is only available for beta testing and regular users can’t update this feature. But you can install it by downloading it as a new APK file. You can follow these instructions to do so easily.

  1. Download the APK file on your Android smartphone.
  2. After the downloading is complete, you have to allow your phone to install applications from Unknown Sources.
  3. Install the APK.
  4. You’ll now have the updated WhatsApp.

This is a simple way to get this new feature on Android. There will be no problem in downloading the app through this process.


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