WhatsApp New Useful Feature


New York, WhatsApp is the most popular application of the messaging and chatting and it has introduced another very useful and wonderful feature to meet the needs of their clients. WhatsApp has issued a statement and the company is introducing the ‘Live location sharing’ to their clients. It means you are present at somewhere and you can share your location with your friends and group. You can also share your location with the friends and the people of other group, which are present in your contact list.

You need to open the chat window with that person to use this feature to whom they want to share their location and after that they click on the attachment and select the option appearing on the screen. Then you need to select the option of share live location and in this way, the information regarding your present location will be sent to the receiver. It is necessary to use this app that you give the access to the WhatsApp to reach your location.

WhatsApp says that the main purpose to introduce this feature is that they want to provide the facility of the sharing of their position with their friends and family members. In this way, they can tell their family members that they are well and on the safe place.


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