Why Switching Off Mobile after 10 pm Necessary?


The use of mobile phone in our daily life has considerably been increased. The thing, we use in our lives excessively in our 24 hours, is mobile phone. Now mobile phone is not limited to source of contact but it has become the source of entertainment. The use of handset becomes necessary like dress and food in the human life.

This small device got our attention so much that the use of smart phone is continued in good, bad, happy or sad moments and this device is also used to save these moments. Some of the people use this device during their meals and even some of the people take this device with them in the washroom and they also use it there. The excessive use of the smart phone enhances the mental and physical diseases.

The experts say that the late night use of the smart phone can reduce your sleep and you need to stop it after 10:00 am and switch off the smart phone and you should be calm and happy. The lights of the mobile phone give the signals to mind that it is daytime and it creates the disturbance in the body clock, which increases the mental issues. The new research indicated the relation of use of smart phone and the cancer disease.

The experts suggest that the people, who use mobile phone the whole day should change their habits and they should avoid to use the smart phone at night especially after 10:00 pm so that they can protect themselves from different mental and physical diseases and issues.


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