Windows 10 Automatic Update Already Creating Driver Problems


Whereas the international roll out of Windows 10 is yet a couple of days away, all the users are previously reporting problems with the Windows update. Allegedly, the users along Nvidia drivers are making issues, and even killing the PCs.

Formerly, the Microsoft had declared that all Windows 10 updates might be compulsory. Additionally, they might be installed by default along with users no mention in what they prefer to download.

The problems are different from random crashes and screen flickering to computers along with dual monitor setups malfunctioning and shifting to recovering mode. From that time Nvidia has declared that a fix is going to be released in a latest driver in the upcoming week, however not before users stormed its forums and mentioned their objections.

We have got a resolve for this problem in our upcoming driver in approaching upcoming week for the introduction of Windows 10.

One of the worst hit users are the gamers as they are the people who have got Nvidia graphics also multiple setups and dual GPUs.

A week ago the Microsoft verified that Window 10 updates are compulsory and its going to be installed by default. Those people who proceed to prevent from these updates altogether they may ultimately lose security support.

Unluckily, this may just be the starting. For one, Windows 10 does not state which driver updates it is installing and including with automatic update there is going to be no way of preventing it. Many OEMs have got their own driver management system and they can make clashes and provide rise to even more problems.

If the Microsoft need to make sure a established future for the upcoming Windows version, problems such as these ones are need to be solved as soon as possible.


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