You Back Up Entire Computer on Google Drive


Google Drive leads the cloud storage industry as they have Dropbox as the nearest competitor. Normally Google separated the cloud based services in the photos and docs with the diversification and they are responsible for big part of success of Google.

Google has made its own plan to extend the scope of the Google drive and it plans to make the complete backup service for the computers with the new back and sync tool to allow them to back their entire computer up.

They have to move the files into the Google Drive folder for them, which is synced to the cloud and the new app will be able to back up files and photos on desktop, in pictures, documents folder or anywhere from there they can choose.

They do not need to create the new folders but this tool will help them to recreate the desktop folder system in the Drive. They will launch the Backup and Sync from Google and this is the tool that intend to help everyday users back up files and photos from the computers and they are safe and accessible from anywhere.

Google says that it make the tool with casual drive users in mind and it is not necessary to build for more complex systems that needs in the business. They should keep in mind that backing p of the entire computer hard drive shall take some space on Google drive. There are many users, which will help to find the 15 GB free limit, which would not be enough for massive folders on the computers. They may have to pay for the extra storage. Google will launch this new feature later this month on 28 June.


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