Zong 10GB Additional Data Per Month to Customers


Zong has already launched the 10 GB additional data offer to the new customers earlier this year and the existing customers are making the complaints that the company does not offer such facilities to its loyal customers. Now the management of the company has heard their complaints and Zong has announced the 10 GB extra data for the current customers, who bought their MBB devices before 3 June 2016.


Now all such MBB device owners, who bought the MBB device of Zong before 3rd June 2016, they will also get the 10 GB extra data on top of the current plans. This additional data of Zong will be offered till the end of this year which is before 31st December 2016. With the provision of Zong 10 GB extra offer, the new data limit of MBB devices of Zong will be giving as under:

New Data Limits

The price of the offer will be included with the taxes.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only those customers who have purchased their MBB devices before 3rd June 2016 will get 10 GB Extra volume till 31st Dec 2016 if they subscribe to any of the above mentioned Bundles.
  • 10 GB Extra volume will not be available on any other bundles except these four.
  • For Example if the subscriber activates 50GB bundle in the validity period, 10GB extra will be allotted, but if the customer subscribes 200GB in the next subscription 10GB extra will not be allotted for that particular subscription
  • 10GB extra will be available on the above mentioned bundle multiple times. I.e. customer can subscribe to above mentioned bundles multiple times and get the 10GB extra every time till 31st December 2016.
  • This offer is only for prepaid.


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