Zong 10GB Extra Data Per Month for all MBB Internet Bundles


The clients, who are making plan to get 3G and 4G MBB internet devices of Zong then they can get it at this time as Zong has already announced its new Dosti MBB offer, which is given to the customers 10 GB extra internet data on the 3G and 4 G mobile broadband bundles every month. The customers will get this 10 GB extra internet data for the rest of year 2016.

The customers, who will buy Zong MBB devices from 25 June to 31 July, the Zong Dosti MBB offer will be made available for their new customers. Zong has also offered the data from 24 GB, 50 GB and 100 GB per month, which is offered to its MBB customers.

When the MBB clients will get this 34 GB per month offer instead of its 24 GB, and 60 GB per month instead of 50 GB and they will also get 110 GB per month instead of 100 GB per month for this entire year.

The clients can get MBB Bundles of Zong and the clients can avail with 10GB extra limit.


  • Taxes are included in the prices of bundles.
  • Customers, who will get the devices within the eligibility period, they will get 10 GB Extra volume till 31st Dec 2016. If they subscribe to any Bundle mentioned above during this time, then it will be made available on said terms and conditions.
  • Zong MBB Dosti Offer does not apply on other than above bundles.


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