Zong 4G Coverage Over 100 Cities


Zong took the step in the enhancement of its coverage to more than 100 cities across Pakistan and it has developed its position firmly as the fastest growing 4G cellular network in the country with the widest 4G footprint.

The consumers will remember that Zong won the 3G and 4G services and license in 2014 successfully, when they were auctioned by the PTA. Pakistan Telecommunication Company has rated the network services of Zong the best in speed and quality amongst all its competitors. PTA held the independent survey in the country successfully for Quality of Service (QoS) for the Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS). The Director of Corporate Affairs and the official spokesman of the company, Zong spoke about the achievement of the company and said that the company has provided the widest, largest and best quality 4G services in 100 cities and they will invest in the latest and modern 4G technology and they also provide the stable and reliable network for the clients. The company intends to double its coverage to over 200 cities in the coming few months.

The company made the investment of $250 million and it has expanded its 4G network all over the country and it hopes that it will add thousands new sites for the clients. These services will be beneficial for the local economy and also provide the facility to the growth of ICT sector across Pakistan and it will become the fastest growing sector in the economy of the country.

The company concentrates on the uplifting of the lifestyle of the local people in last few years and it has provided the faster and stable network in the urban and rural areas of the country with the provision of multiple packages on its voice and data services. 4G services of Zong are getting popularity, and they are helping to grow the finances of the company. The company has done the partnership with Higher Education Commission to provide 4G services to the students and the universities. The company has done the data speed double and faster than other mobile phone operating companies across the country.


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