Zong Allows Share Your Data Bundle with Up to 10 Friends


Few new 3G/4G packages have been announced by Zong recently that are available for the customers to share them with their family and friends at any place.

You can share these data bundles with maximum 10 friends and family members by using Zong Data Share. This will enable all the shared members to use uninterrupted internet surfing or online gaming simultaneously.

This Zong Data Share provides the facility to use this data bundles by up to 10 friends on the purchase of only one person while other don’t have to pay anything. They can use this package till the end of bundle volume.

Zong Data Share Bundles

Customers can selected from below data bundles, to be shared with friends:

  • Monthly 5GB data bundle: Rs. 500 per month
  • Monthly 10GB data bundle: Rs. 900 per month

How to Subscribe and Share:

  • Dial *6464*5# & follow the following steps
    • Step 1: Create Group
    • Step 2 : Subscribe to a bundle
    • Step 3 : Add members & start sharing!

All group members will be sent an intimation SMS while added in the group and bundle is shared.

Dial *6464*5# >4>1 to check remaining limit in the bundle.


  • You can use these bundles with other bundles also.
  • All the data consumed by owner and other members of the group will be charged from Zong data share bundle after using the data share bundle.
  • Rs. 1/MB will be charged from owner and all the members after expire of data share bundle.

In case of more than one data bundles, the data share bundle will be used initially and the group member’s other data bundle will be consumed after expiration of data share bundle.


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