Zong and WhatsApp collaborates to present special bundle


According to an announcement by Zong, the telecom company has collaborated with WhatsApp in order to provide a special bundle to its users. Now the Zong users can easily subscribe this WhatsApp bundle by dialing *4# after which they can get ublimited video and voice calling of Whatsapp for just Rs. 15 + tax.

The details of this package are provided below:

  • Bundle Name: Whatsapp Daily
  • Price: Rs. 15 + tax
  • Date Limit: 300 MB
  • Validity: 1 Day


According to Zong, it is the best network to work as a platform for Whatsapp video and voice call due to its widest 4G coverage and fastest data network and people across the borders can connect through this service. The objective of Zong is to transform the lifestyle of Pakistani people by providing technological advancement through 4G LTE service. Currently, more than 200 Pakistani cities are getting 4G service through Zong and their numbers are increasing every day.

Partnership and growth director at WhatsApp, Mubarik Imam, said that this collaboration of WhatsApp and Zong is very vital to make the calling service in Pakistan more affordable and handy and now more people in Pakistan can connect to other parts of the world easily. He added that now you can easily use WhatsApp services in any part of the country without worrying about Wifi providing area.


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