Zong Day Time Internet package at Rs. 10 per Day


Zong Day Time Offer

Zong Day Time Offer

Zong is going to launch latest and unique limited time promotion, which is called ‘Day Time Offer’ and it is provided to the clients to use 2 GB from 3G or 4G data. The users will avail this offer on the availability of the network for Rs.10 per day. Zong will offer this package to their clients from 4 am to 4 pm and it can be applicable, when this offer will be provided to the clients.

Zong made it clear that this offer can be subscribed with all other data bundle but not with the ‘Good Night Offer’.

Offer Details            

  • Charges of package for Rs. 10 per day (excluding taxes)
  • Offer has volume of 2GB
  • This offer is applicable from 4am to 4pm

The subscribers keep in mind that this is limited time offer

How to Subscribe

  • Subscribers can send SMS “dto” to 6464 to subscribe this offer.
  • Subscribers can send SMS ‘unsub dto” to 6464 to unsubscribe this offer.


  • Day Time offer can exist with all internet bundles except Good Night Offer.
  • Daytime Offer is of great importance due to its features and number of facilities than all other data bundles.
  • The Day Time Offer will be renewed automatically daily. If the customers have less or no balance, then it will valid no longer. If they recharge their balance within three days, then this offer will be renewed automatically.
  • The 2G/3G & 4G subscribers can avail this offer.
  • The users can use the Fair Usage Policy of 2GB and they can download as much as he can within the download limit.
  • The subscribers will move to his/her base package, when they consume 2GB data.


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