WhatsApp Soon Getting Various Amazing Features


WhatsApp has announced to bring various features for the application in which users.  According to company, the users will be able to use their account in multiple devices simultaneously.

Talking about this feature, the company said that thanks to this feature, you will be able to use your account in 4 devices simultaneously, while iPad support will also be available soon.

After the multi-device feature, WhatsApp will also be able to be used in multiple devices like Facebook Messenger.

The multi-device feature is now being released in a public beta version by the company, so beta testers can use it to give feedback. However, nothing has been said about the availability of this feature to the general public.

On the other hand company is also rolling out a ‘disappearing mode’ across all chat threads which will allow users to enforce disappearing messages on all of their WhatsApp chat threads.

In addition, WhatsApp is reportedly planning to introduce a one-time ‘view once’ feature. As the name suggests, this will allow users to share images and videos, such as media files that can only be viewed by the recipient once and then, it will disappear. Facebook has already introduced this feature with Instagram and Facebook Messenger.


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