1 Billion iPhones Sold and Got $42 Billion in Revenues During FY2016


There is grown trend of falling of the sales of the products and it is continued but it can be made better than the expectations. The company is reporting the net income of $7.8 billion on revenues of $42.4 billion. These figures are less than the figures of the last year, which were $10.7 billion and $49.61 billion respectively. The sales of the products are still higher than the expected revenues, which was $42.11 billion. In this quarter total sale of the smart phone reaches to 40.4 million, which is less than the previous year, as it was 47.5 million in the past year. The cheaper iPhone has exceeded expectations and the average selling price of the iPhone fell to $595 and the company sold total 1 billion iPhone.

iPad division shares the good news that the revenue grows for the first time in 10 quarters to Pro models and they are expensive by 7%. The sales of the smart phone increased to 10 million but it was 9% down to the previous one. The Mac sales also came down to 10.5% and the sale of the smart phone reached to 4.8 million units.

The services division continued its improvement and it rose to 19% by the previous year, which was $6 million. Now Apple is becoming the large company, which is becoming Fortune 100 Company. The sale of other products reached from $2.64 to $2.22 billion over last year but it is not surprising as the sales of Apple watch have been decreased.

The company is spending huge amount on research, which is $7.5 billion over last 9 months. When the video game, Pokemon Go got success, it is planned to enter the augmented reality market and viewers will wait to find more.


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