2 girls fell from college’s roof while taking selfies


In Gujranwala, two female students fell from the rooftop of their college while posing for selfies. According to details, Nazish and Sana study in Postgraduate College Satellite Town and they fell from roof while taking selfies. According to the college administration, head injuries are suffered by both the students in this incident and they were immediately taken to the hospitals for medical care.

It’s not the first time that we are reading such news as the trend of getting selfies on dangerous places is present there for quite some time.

One such incident happened when a man named Asif Jamil fell in Indus river while taking selfie but he returned home after 10 days. Last year in August, 3 people of a same family fell and drowned in Kunhar River while taking selfie.

These things happen on international level also. A South Korean tourist in Peru was found dead in Amazon Jungle under a waterfall on 5th July 2016 after falling few days ago taking selfie.

Recently, Russia started a “Safe Selfie” campaign during which it advised the people to take selfies in a safe position. Russia’s ministry of affairs told the people not to take selfies while: crossing the street, on the edge of roof or by making your and others’ life I n danger.


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