5 Best Android Games of 2016


Every year, we see many new and different mobile games and it also happened this year. You can get a game suited for you whether you play game more or less.

Blow here, you can see the list of 5 such games that top the trend of year so far.

1.      Big Hunter


In this hunter game, you are playing as a hunger member of a tribe while you have to hunt a huge animal with spear for your survival. Launching bird on Angry Birds is similar to the spear throwing in this game. You have to protect yourself from ever charging animal. It is very interesting game due to its physics and graphics.

2.      Burger – The Game


In contrast to its name, it relates to physics instead of eating something. On top of the burger bun, you have to put patties through a pan. A patty will fall on the pan after you tap once and you can throw them onto bun by tapping them again. Loading them as high as possible is your task. With the advance in game, different kinds of patties will appear.

3.      diep.io

Last year, Agar.io was lunched while Diep.io is made on the same concept. You will get a tank instead of a ball. Capabilities of your tank will be increased after you destroy enemies and other blocks. If you are aware of the game, you can spend hours while playing this addicting game. But you require an internet connection to play this game.

4. Swing


You will use a rope to jump from one platform to other. But you have to make your rope before using it. You will fall, if its length is longer or shorter than required and you can reach the next platform by using rope of perfect length. This interesting game looks similar to but more amusing than the ‘FlappyBird’.

4.      Pokemon Go


6th July 2016 was the launching date of “Pokemon Go” and now it has been downloaded by more than 75 million times. There are Pokemons in the wind and you have to catch them as player. You can train your pokemons and go to fight with other Pokemons with your own pokemons. You need GPS for finding a location as it is a augmented reality game. In order to catch them, you will have to walk in different places. You have to be very fast to catch all of them as they are present in a place for a limited time.


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